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Best Helpdesk Management System In India

Help desk software refers to a computer program that enables customer-care operators keep track of user requests and deal with other customer-care-related issues. It is what makes customer-care service efficient and enterprising. Generally, help desk software is part of an umbrella category called service desk, which includes asset management and IT service management. Oftentimes, the two terms are used interchangeably. Nevertheless, help desk software specifically refers to the system that addresses customer queries.


Efficient Monitoring & Tracking

You can efficiently monitor and track the current status of any complaint or service request raised by your customer using an advanced help desk management solution.

Improved Customer Relationships

By providing top-quality customer support and assistance, your business can earn quality customer satisfaction without any complications. It would further allow you to maintain healthy and profitable relationships with new and existing customers.

Better Problem Resolution Timing

An advanced help desk management solution simplifies various complex and time taking day-to-day processes, allowing your customer support team to save crucial time and efforts spent on handling customer complaints and requests. This minimizes the total time spent on resolving a problem.

Quality Improvement

An advanced help desk management solution allows businesses to improve the quality of assistance and support provided to the customers.

Ticketing System

Help Desk offers a powerful ticket management tool, IT asset management, self-service, MDM, chat, password reset and advanced automation.

Asset Management

IT asset management with automated asset discovery. Discover all your hardware and software assets and keep your IT inventory up to date by scheduling automated asset discovery.

Dashboard Management

Dashboards display various statistical data related to number of Requests, Changes, Problems, Assets, Software, POs and Contracts based on various criteria.

Techvigor Software is one of the best Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) software development company in India.


Techvigor Software is one of the best Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) software development company in India. Web based Dental College and Hospital Information Management System is an ERP suite of software modules to computerize any large scale hospital and connected clinics and its branches. It is fully online web based software.

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